How can I help?

Donate what you can to UNICEF, who’s providing humanitarian aid to children and share the #CreatorsForPeace message to raise awareness about the over 1 million children that have been displaced in Ukraine.


#CreatorsForPeace is raising funds for the displaced children in Ukraine


How it works

#CreatorsForPeace is partnering with creators all over the world to raise awareness and money for the displaced children in Ukraine.

By talking about these children on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other social media, we hope more people will understand the level of humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine. Your donations to UNICEF will have an impact on the lives of these children.

Share #CreatorsForPeace

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Here are some resources to help you share the #CreatorsForPeace operation with your audience and other creators. Share these on any social media platforms, blogs, and websites and link to for people to donate.

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